Amanda’s Room is Published

I was not expecting to focus on my book this early in my blog but the process of publishing it took a sudden leap forward this past week. I am excited to announce that my novel, “Amanda’s Room,” is now available in ebook form. This initiative started back in October 2003 as a short story called “The Room.” Now, almost nine years and eleven revisions later, it is finally ready to read.

Although “Amanda’s Room” is based upon paranormal happenings, I have worked to create a story with real-to-life characters, settings, and events, so that throughout the book you might ask yourself if something like this could really happen. Much of the book contains accepted scientific truths. A single, factual statement about the weather introduces most chapters. If you read carefully, however, you will quickly learn (and hopefully, enjoy) that these observations have more profound meanings within the context of the book. 

The Smashwords web site referenced below describes the book. I have also listed other resources that I have developed (like this blog) to support the text. Like the Playbill in live theater, I will use these resources to provide back-story to enhance your reading enjoyment. For instance, “Why does the book take place in the Catskill Mountains,” or “Why is a Kit-Cat Clock on Amanda’s wall,” or “Is there any factual basis to the references to Baker-Miller pink”? I will also use these forums to answer questions readers might have regarding the story. 

“Amanda’s Room” is available now at The cost for the ebook is $2.99 (Or $2.00 until March 1 with the reduced price coupon code below) and can be downloaded in virtually every ebook format. You can sample the book by reading the first quarter before making a purchase decision. In several weeks, it should also be available directly from Apple, Barns and Nobel, and other ebook retailers. 

Finally, I’d love to receive your feedback on “Amanda’s Room.” If you enjoy reading it, please tell others. My plans are for “Amanda’s Room” to be the first in a series of mysteries featuring heroine, Katie Jarvis. I welcome your comments and suggestions for her future exploits and development. You can also leave a review of “Amanda’s Room” directly on the Smashwords site. That’s it then. Here are the references for the book and supporting resources.

 The Smashwords Book page to sample or purchase Amanda’s Room:

 Note: The listed price for the ebook is $2.99 but if you enter the coupon code WW45E (not case sensitive) at checkout, you’ll receive a 33% discount (final price $2.00). The coupon is good until March 1, 2012.

 If you do not have an ebook reader, you can download Adobe’s Digital Edition ebook reader free for your desktop or laptop computer. It is available at

 Additional Resources:

 Smashwords author’s page:




 Good reading. I look forward to receiving your comments.

 Warmest Regards,

Chuck Miceli


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