If you are a weather expert or enthusiast, a person who is facinated by the power and variety of weather events, or just someone who wants to know a little more about the weather, Connecticut has something unique for you. WXedge.com is a Connecticut-based site devoted to all things weather. Sam Kantrow and the WTNH weather reporting team have put together a robust site covering virtually every aspect of weather related information. What’s more, they have assembled a diverse team of dozens of weather bloggers, including teachers, students, writers, weather watchers, and even storm chasers. Together, the team has populated the WXedge site with hundreds of stories covering the spectrum of weather interests. Want to know about tornadoes, it’s there, blizzards, yep, weather related alergies, yes that too. Biographies of each of the bloggers (including me) can also be found on the site.

The members of team WXedge came together for the first time on Tuesday evening, April 10, 2012 at the invitation of WTNH. After sitting in on the 6 pm newscast, team members discussed the business of weather reporting with Steve MacLaughlin, Erica Grow, Sam Kantrow and Gil Simmons. Some members even took their turn in front of the Green Screen. Gil Simmons gave a tour of the studio after which we all descended on pizza, salad and soda. It was a weather enthusiasts dream. All the WXedge team members left the event motivated to share even more of this inexhaustibly facinating topic.

Check out WXedge.com. For anyone interested in the weather, it’s a treasure-trove of information waiting to be opened. 


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