My New Facebook Name

I’ve changed my Facebook name from Charles.Miceli to authorchuckmiceli

There are several people named Charles Miceli and Chuck Miceli on Facebook including at least one doctor and one organized crime figure. Having my name as Charles.Miceli was confusing and even I had trouble finding myself at times. Unfortunately, charlesmmiceli and chuckmmiceli were also taken. Fortunately, I am the only author.

 You can find me on Facebook by typing

or e-mail me directly on Facebook at

It will take a while for Google to catch up, but hopefully, you will be able to find my Facebook address through a Google search in the not too distant future.

Please update your records accordingly. The print version of Amanda’s Room will be ready shortly and I am scheduling a series of reading and signing events. If you would like to be kept abreast of them or schedule one of your own, please like me on Facebook and I will post the events thas they are confirmed.

Warmest Regards,

Chuck Miceli

Author, “Amanda’s Room”


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