Straight from My Heart by Jacqui DeLorenzo

I have just finished reading Jacqui DeLorenzo’s second book, “Straight from My Heart.” Jacqui DeLorenzo puts her heart in the pages of her book. More than anything else, what comes across is her longing for the welfare of others, a caring that springs from her deep-rooted faith. She begins her book with an exploration of hope, then moves on to the efficacy of faith, and ends with the power of love. She underscored each theme with prose and poetry. Throughout the book, Jacqui provides stories about overcoming adversity from her own life and those of her contributors. As she quotes several times, “Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you respond to it.” Skeptics may dismiss some of the anecdotes as coincidence or dreaming but that is not a problem for Jacqui. For the skeptics, no amount of proof may suffice. For Jacqui and her contributors, no proof is necessary.

Chuck Miceli
Author, “Amanda’s Room”


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