Amanda’s Room on Audio Book and Short Story Reading at UCONN Waterbury on April 17

This has been a long time coming, but I hope you will agree with me that it was worth the wait. I wrote Amanda’s Room with the movie in mind and this new audio version get much closer to that reality. Thanks to the wonderful narration of Russell Jonas, listeners will experience Amanda’s Room with a greater degree of drama and intensity. Russell teaches acting and has performed in more than 40 New York stage productions. His considerable talent is evident as he expertly brings the characters and the story to life. What is perhaps most impressive is his ability to give each character their own unique voice and personality. 
The way audio books work now, you do not need to purchase the physical disks to listen to them. Instead, you download the MP-3 files directly into your phone, tablet or voice enabled reading device so that you can listen to them whenever and wherever you want. (Audible provides a free listening app for download).
The audio book for Amanda’s Room presently retails on for $19.95 and is discounted on at $17.46. You can choose to purchase the audio book outright, but as I promised, here is the information on how you can get your own copy for free from either site. offers a free 30 day trial membership program, which allows you to download Amanda’s Room at no cost as long as it is the first audio book you choose. If you continue your membership, you pay $14.95 per month which allows you to choose one new audio book each month. You are under no obligation to continue, however, and if you drop the membership within the 30 day period, you pay nothing and keep your copy of Amanda’s Room.
If you do choose to download Amanda’s Room and listen to it, I would very much appreciate your honest feedback on it. Obviously, I am biased, but I’ve worked hard at soliciting and carefully considering all candid feedback on both the pros and cons of my work. Otherwise, how can I hope to achieve my goal of delighting my readers.
Creative Sustenance is an annual program of the UCONN Waterbury campus that focuses on the creative output of UCONN students and faculty, and members of UCONN’S Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. At the same time, the program supports the local food pantries and soup kitchens through the collection of canned goods. This year, they have invited me to do a reading of my latest short story, Leftovers. (Don’t let the title fool you. Believe me, it’s nothing like what you might imagine.) 
The program is free and open to the public. You are only asked to bring a canned good with you which will be donated to Waterbury Interfaith Ministries. The program takes place 7 pm at the UCONN Waterbury campus building, 99 East Main Street, Waterbury, CT, Tel(203) 236-9800. The program takes place in the Multipurpose room on the first floor and there is parking adjacent to the building and in the parking garage across the street. 
That’s the latest from me. I hope this finds you and yours well and happy. If you stop in for my reading, or any of my author events, please say hello if you have the time.

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