Why I Write

When people ask me if I enjoy writing I tell them honestly that I find writing fulfilling rather than enjoyable and that I write because I need to rather than want to. Even as I say that I have been conflicted by my own words until tonight when I realized that a perfect metaphor exists, which explains the experience. If you asked a woman if she enjoyed giving birth, few if any would say yes, but almost all would say it was one of their most fulfilling experiences. And so, for now, I’ll keep on writing. 


2 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. Excellent metaphor, Chuck. In my case it is certainly fulfilling, but also enjoyable, especially once a sight reaches the level of emotion or an idea hits me and I must delve into it because once articulated in the mind, it must be resolved. It’s fun in most cases, and those where it is not, I feel compelled to work it to any satisfactory conclusion, “satisfactory” being the most important word of all, as it brings balance.

  2. I disagree. Fulfilled is not usually what a woman feels after childbirth. It is merely a means to the fulfilling part of creating a child and raising it to be a responsible, loving, contributing member of society. So…what is the fulfillment you get from the necessary conflicts/evils associated with the writing part of the equation? It’s why you are doing it that is the question to me. What is the fulfillment attained from the writing?

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