Up and Coming – January 2016

This update will be brief. It comes late into the month for me but 2016 has had an unusual and somewhat challenging beginning. After my father-in-law suffered a heart attack and fall several weeks ago, he passed away on New Years Eve. In the interim, an upper respiratory illness I’ve been fighting for some time worsened, leaving me fatigued. We held a memorial service for Tony on Tuesday and on Thursday morning, I received a call that my 94-year-old mother-in-law fell and was taken to New Britain General, where I spent most of the day with her. Thankfully, nothing was broken and she is back now in her independent living facility again, although struggling physically and emotionally with her loss. In the process of assisting her, however, my infection worsened and by Friday I was spiking a 103.5 fever with cough, chills and uncontrollable shivering. I am now on antibiotics, steroids and various other medications and am on the mend but very fatigued.

None of the above is to lament over how 2016 has started. All of what has happened is simply part of living and my life is still infinitely more blessed than I can merit. It is simply an explanation that life has priorities and right now the care of my health and my loved ones must come before other things like writing and marketing my books. If you recently finished reading my current book, “Amanda’s Room,” I hope that you found it enjoyable and worth your time.
I believe challenges like those I have experienced lately are helpful in clarifying what is truly important in life and I welcome the reflection that such periods bring. Nevertheless, I hope that your year has begun in a less demanding manner.
I’ll provide a regular update in February, hopefully with news that will be useful and interesting. Till then.
Warmest Regards,



One thought on “Up and Coming – January 2016

  1. Chuck, Jud and I were so sorry to hear of all the challenges and sadness you have recently endured! Please get well SOON ! Tony was a lovely man and will be missed!

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